Traffic Marshal Training

Traffic Marshal (Banksman) Course Description

Traffic Marshal (Vehicle Banksman) training is an effective way of improving the overall safety of a working environment where vehicles are required to reverse or perform maneuvres. Traffic Marshals (Banksman) are a legal requirement on many sites and events, and recommended for any site or event where control and reversing of vehicles is unavoidable.

Nearly a quarter of all workplace transport injuries occur when vehicles are reversing. Traffic Marshals (Vehicle Banksman) offer drivers a trustworthy second perspective while maneuvering to play a key part in reducing accidents.

Traffic Marshal (Vehicle Banksman) Training Includes:

  • Conducting the Manoeuvre
  • Legal Duties of a Traffic Marshal – Banksman
  • Planning the Manoeuvre
  • PPE Requirements when working as Traffic Marshal – Banksman
  • Recognised Signals (HSE)
  • Construction Design & Management Regulations
  • Responsibilities of the Traffic Marshal – Banksman
  • Risk Assessment of Manoeuvring Task
  • Site Limitations

Traffic Marshal (Banksman) Course Description

We deliver Traffic Marshal (Vehicle Banksman) training, and safety training courses to any location across the UK.

A suitable vehicle with driver will be required for the practical elements of the Traffic Marshal (Banksman) course.

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